Dunn's River Cornmeal Fine Polenta

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Origin: Jamaica
SKU: CB0013
Size: 1.5kg
Cuisine: Caribbean
Minimum Shelf Life: 2 months



Mention cornmeal in Jamaica and someone will reply with ‘dumpling’. The Jamaican cornmeal dumpling isn’t the fluffy white dumpling served in British stews, nor the Eastern European filled dumpling, instead the rich yellow cornmeal polenta — coarse or fine depending on taste — is mixed into a dough with flour and water, and then cooked. Either deep fry, to make the golden dumpling served with Jamaica’s national dish ackee and salt fish, or add to a clear soup and simmer until cooked. 

Fine polenta is used around the world, and Dunn’s River include two recipes on the back of the pack for classic American chilli corn bread, and cooked polenta with parmesan and butter.

Ingredients: Maize. May contain traces of gluten. 

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