De Buyer Stainless Steel Square Pastry Ring 20cm

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Origin: France
SKU: DB0057
Size: 4.5cm high, 20cm dia
Cuisine: France
Technique: Patisserie



The De Buyer 20cm stainless-steel square pastry ring is ideal for square cheesecakes and cakes.

The square is flexible spring stainless steel – so it’s easy to release and always returns to its original shape. There are no ridges where the edges are welded together, so you get a flawless finish when you release the mould.

This pastry ring is 20cm x 20cm and 4.5cm high. It is engraved with the size – so if you have a collection of pastry rings you can easily identify the size you need. It is suitable for use in conventional ovens, the freezer, deep-freezer, refrigerator and even blast chiller.

Dishwasher safe.

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