De Buyer Box of 9 Fluted Round Pastry Cutters

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Origin: France
SKU: DB0063
Size: 2-10cm, 3.5cm high
Cuisine: France
Technique: Patisserie



The De Buyer box of 9 fluted round pastry cutters is what every baker needs. Use the fluted cutters to cut biscuits or pastry for lining tart cases. Or use them for shaping classic scones.

The durable plastic cutters have athick, rounded top for safety and comfort when using. Unlike stainless-steel cutters, these won’t deform with use. So you’ll have perfectly round cutters for years to come.

The cutters range from 2cm to 10cm in diameter and are 3.5cm high. They are made from food-grade polyamide fibreglass.

Dishwasher safe.

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