Crossing Jerusalem: Journeys at the Centre of the World's Trouble

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SKU: OT0228
Author: Nicholas Woodsworth
Cuisine: Middle East
Publisher: Haus Publishing
Pages: 400 pages
Format: Paperback
Year Published: 2010
Difficulty: Approachable  
Photography: Mainly Text  



Jerusalem is not an ordinary city and Crossing Jerusalem is not a standard telling of a city’s story. While the author himself is deeply skeptical of religion, this book is both a portrait of a spiritual Jerusalem, and a recounting of the effect the city has on the spirit of one visitor who discovers its ongoing distress - through it he discovers some sort of spirituality in himself.

At the same time a travelogue, a questioning of spiritual values, and an examination of the beliefs that have sustained Jerusalem’s populations through centuries of conflict and division, Crossing Jerusalem offers an unusual and penetrating perspective of the city. While many of the themes the author touches upon are inevitably sensitive and controversial, Crossing Jerusalem is intended to provoke thought rather than antipathy. At a time when both Jewish attitudes and the West’s foreign policy options on a Middle East solution are evolving, Crossing Jerusalem is now especially relevant.

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