Sous Vide and Water Baths

Sous Vide cooks food in water at a very precise temperature, often lower than you’d use in conventional cooking. To understand more about sous vide cooking, read our introductory guides Getting Started with Sous Vide: Your Questions Answered and Converting a sous vide sceptic.

There are two types of sous vide machines. Firstly the SousVide Supreme, which has the heating element and water bath in one neat package, designed especially for home use. The silver SousVide Supreme is made of brushed stainless steel, is accurate to 1°C and holds up to 10l. There is also the smaller SousVide Supreme Demi. SAVE £25 when you buy the Deluxe SousVide Supreme Set together, which contains all you need to master sous vide cooking.

The second type of sous vide machine is a ‘thermal circulator’ which includes both a heating element and circulating pump to speed up the circulation of water. The Polyscience Creative Thermal Circulator clips onto a stock pot, or polycarbonate container, is accurate to 0.1°C, and can heat larger volumes of water – suitable for restaurants and gastropubs, or even home cooks wanting to cook larger joints – such as the Christmas turkey! We'd recommend the SousVide Supreme vacuum sealer  for use with all of the sous vide machines. Please call us if you have any questions.

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