Chocolate Habanero Seeds

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Origin: Jamaica
SKU: FS0031
Size: Approx. 20 seeds
Cuisine: Mexico
Minimum Shelf Life: 9 months
Technique: Grow Your Own
Also known as: Peperone Habanero Chocolate, Black Habanero, Congo Black



Chocolate habanero seeds produce an extremely hot chilli with a beautiful dark chocolate colour. Chocolate habanero chillies, originating in the Caribbean, can reach up to 450,000 units on the Scoville scale of chilli heat.

Sow these chocolate habanero seeds between February and June and harvest them between June and November. Each plant grows to 60-90 cm tall. Initially these chocolate habanero chillies will be green in colour but as they mature they will develop a rich brown colour. Each chocolate habanero chilli typically growns to 4-6cm long.

Whilst the flavour of these chillies sadly isn’t that of chocolate, they do have a unique rich, fruity, smoky flavour which works well in chilli con carne, jerk chicken, spicy chutneys, sauces and marinades.

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