Chinese New Year Gold Fish Candy Box

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Origin: China
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Cuisine: China



Invite more good luck into your home during the Chinese New Year celebrations, with this gold fish candy box.

Fill your candy box with lucky snacks and share with your guests at your Chinese New Party. Dried red dates, or jujube, are eaten to invite wealth and prosperity. Jujube are extra lucky, because they’re red – the colour that’s always used to symbolise luck in China.

Other lucky snacks include sunflower seeds to ensure you have many children, peanuts for longevity, and nian gao cakes for prosperity and promotions. Sweets and chocolate coins can also go in your candy box to promote a sweet life!

Fish, carp in particular, are used to symbolise abundance and prosperity. In Chinese, the character used to write ‘carp’ is the same as those used to write ‘profit’ and also ‘strength’. The Chinese character for ‘fish’ is also the same as the character for ‘abundance’.

The gold coloured candy boxes are used across China to decorate homes at Chinese New Year. The colour gold is tremendously important during Chinese festivals, for its associations with prosperity, beauty and even heroism in Chinese culture. However, real gold is expensive! So for festival gifts, the almost kitsch, gold coloured plastic decorations give all-important symbolism – and are fun, too.

The candy boxes have travelled a long way, so may have a few light surface scratches.

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