Carved Angel Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

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Origin: United Kingdom
SKU: CA0013
Size: 454g, Serves 3-4
Cuisine: British
Minimum Shelf Life: 4 months



The Carved Angel’s Gluten Free Christmas Pudding is moist, fruity and spicy – everything you could want from the perfect Christmas pudding. This version is produced in a dedicated gluten-free bakery and also uses gluten-free stout for added depth of flavour. Packed with mixed fruit this Christmas pudding is nevertheless surprisingly light, so it is perfect after a hearty Christmas dinner. Serve steamed or microwaved and drizzle with brandy cream for a taste of luxury.

The Carved Angel was founded by one of Britain's favourite chefs and food writers, Joyce Molyneux. In 1978 Joyce became one of the first women in the world to be awarded a Michelin Star. Today, the Carved Angel sticks by their founder’s premise of sourcing only the highest quality ingredients.  Often adding a unique twist of their own, the Carved Angel will always have the ‘wow-factor’.

The Carved Angel is perhaps most famous for their Christmas Puddings. The story goes that while searching for the perfect winter dish, Joyce Molyneux came across a recipe for a traditional Christmas Pudding by the well-known Victorian chef, Eliza Acton. Joyce’s puddings soon became popular for being not too dark nor too pale, not too heavy nor too light, yet still with the richness expected of a good Christmas Pudding. Today, The Carved Angel continues to use Eliza Acton’s recipe for their Traditional Luxury Christmas Puddings, as well as adding their signature twist to a range of non-traditional puddings that are the perfect finish to any Christmas celebration.

Ingredients: raisins, sultanas, gluten free 100% pure oat flakes, demerara sugar, gluten free stout, fortified wine, apple, grated carrot, egg, black treacle, sunflower oil, prunes, glace cherries, lemon and orange zest, cocoa powder, brandy, mixed spice. Contains: egg, citrus fruits, alcohol. Produced in an environment where nuts and mustard are handled. May also contain fragments of kernels and small fruit stones.

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