Calcium Chloride 1kg

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Origin: France
SKU: ML0032
Size: 1kg
Technique: Modernist and Molecular



Louis Francois calcium chloride is widely used with sodium alginate by molecular chefs in spherification, to make ‘caviar’ or flavour pearls. The salt is also used in pickling or 'canning', to keep pickles crisper during the fermentation process.

Chefs often buy calcium chloride to use along with table salt (sodium chloride) for brining meat - you can use lower concentrations of calcium chloride than you would with ordinary table salt, plus the calcium ions in calcium chloride also help to tenderise the meat during ageing. A 0.3% concentration for brining meat is recommended.

This large 1kg tub is ideal for commercial use.

Store in a dry place in a tightly sealed container – the calcium chloride will readily absorb any moisture it can find!

Ingredients: calcium chloride E509

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