An arepa is a grilled cornflour or cornbread ‘bun’. They’re not only Venezuelan’s everyday breakfast, they’re becoming more and more popular in the street food scene all around the world.

This classic bun is made with Harina PAN, the essential ingredient in authentic Venezuelan arepas. Accept no substitutes! The Harina PAN brand is the most famous brand of maize flour in Venezuela. Once cooked, they’re split in half to hold fillings. Classic fillings include reina pepiada – chicken and avocado, see recipe below – shredded beef, cheese, or even just a bit of butter!

You can also use Harina Pan to make Venezuelan empanadas – small, half-moon shaped cornbreads, classically stuffed with shredded spiced beef, cheese or even ‘cazón’ which is a small shark found on the Caribbean Sea around Venezuela’s coast.


Arepas with Reina Pepiada
Serves 6

Arepa Bun
300g Harina PAN flour
600ml water
1 tsp salt
Reina Pepiada Filling
170g cooked chicken
160g avocados
60g mayo
1 tsp lime juice
12g red onions diced


  1. Mix together the Harina PAN flour, water and salt until it forms a dough. Divide into 6 equal size pieces and roll into balls
  2. Spread a small amount of sunflower oil with a kitchen towel onto a hot pan
  3. With your hands flatten the dough balls into disks about 2cm thick and place on the pan for 3min each side – or until golden brown.

Reina Pepiada Filling

  1. Shred the chicken into strips
  2. Mix together shredded chicken, avocado, mayo and the red onion. Add the splash of lime juice to preserve the green of the avocado.

Once your arepas are crispy on the outside split them in half creating a little pocket, like you would a pita bread. Add a generous amount of reina pepiada filling and enjoy!