Baijiu: Shui Jing Fang

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Origin: China
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Size: 500ml
Cuisine: China



Shui Jing Fang was China's first baijiu distillery, and is recognized as the oldest distillery in the world. The distillery's legend dates back to 1408, when distilling master Wang set off to find the ideal place to develop his masterpiece. He searched for the best grain and water source for his recipe, travelling across China and eventually arriving in to Chengdu (Sichuan Province), an area known as "the land of abundance". Chengdu's year-round temperate climate, abundant rainfall, rich harvests, and green mountains running with clear and sweet water persuaded him to settle down. He dug a well at the confluence of two rivers and established Shui Jing Distillery.

Today, water is still drawn from a natural spring, and a selection of five grains are used to create the baijiu's unique flavour: wheat, rice, glutinous rice, corn and sorghum. The drink has a very distinctive nose with a lingering and rounded fruity aroma. The initial taste is sharp and warming, followed by a complex bitter sweetness reminiscent of sour plums. The complexity and abundance of aromas has made the drink a favourite of 'demon chef' Alvin Leung who has developed dessert recipes around the spirit. It is certainly an acquired taste – and at 52% alcohol is not for the faint hearted!

Baijiu is China’s national drink – first brewed in Sichuan province over 5,000 years ago – and today is the most widely enjoyed spirit in the world. Baijiu is always present at weddings, to toast other happy occasions, and even to cement business meetings. The clear white spirit or ‘firewater’ is brewed from sorghum and other grains, and is often likened to vodka in the west. Yes, vodka is similarly clear, colourless, and can reach 65% alcohol, however the tastes could not be more different. Baijiu can have a slightly sweet taste, often with complex aromatic notes. 

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