12" Roasting Tin

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Origin: United Kingdom
SKU: AL0048
Size: 3 different depths
Technique: Patisserie



The 12 inch roasting tins are Alan Silverwood's most popular size of bakeware. The trays are avaialble in 3 different depths, which sit together neatly in the cupboard:

  • 12x10x 0.75" Roasting Dish or Baking Tray - Ideal for use as a shallow baking tray for biscuits, scones, and roasting vegetables
  • 12x10x 2½" Roasting Dish - Make a good-sized family lasagne, toad in the hole, or for a roast with lots of veg underneath

Why Alan Silverwood?

All Silverwood bakeware is made at the family-owned manufacturing company in Birmingham in the UK. They pride themselves on producing the highest quality products. Unlike most bakeware in the UK, Alan Silverwood bakeware is made from costlier aluminium rather than steel. This is because aluminium is a far better heat conductor and results in more even baking. To seal the surface, the aluminium is anodised to make Silverwood's unique anodised aluminium alloy Alsil©, famous for its heat spread technology

Caring for the bakeware

The bakeware improves with age.  Unlike products coated with non-stick (PTFE), which deteriorate with use, frequent use of the Silverwood products will enhance their release properties. After each use, the anodised surface captures and retains a microscopic film of lubricant which builds up to form a "Patina". This is visible as a slight discoloration in the surface of the bakeware - it is entirely safe.

As a general rule, greasing with natural fats (e.g. butter, lard) is preferable to using manufactured fats (margarine, etc). Olive oil tends to stick, and is best avoided, but Ground-Nut (peanut) oil has excellent release properties and works well with most recipes.  

To care for the bakeware, wash in warm soapy water with a nylon washing-up brush. Avoid using sharp utensils and knives on the surface. Do not use in a dishwasher.

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